Our Vision

Paper based materials combined with our traditional materials as widely used form of Point of Purchase, toys and advertising displays that will be cost efficient and instructive.


Our Mission

To help in the promotion of the green movement. To be able to design, create and deliver quality imaginative products with up to date innovations.


Showcase is founded on the principle of combining two or three separate items together to result in a superior product. It is with this guiding principle that a full fledged manufacturing facility and state of the art machinery which began in 2006 to produce innovative products.


Our manufacturing facility is manned by seasoned veterans and fully equipped to produce conventional & non-conventional materials at a low cost in the fastest possible time.


The digital printing department is equipped with the latest solvent printers in the market to produce high quality yet low cost prints on corrugated boards or stickers. For complex die cutting work, a digital die cutter machine is available to cut corrugated boards as large as 4 x 8 feet in minutes without the need for tooling. Since the process is completely digital, gone are the days of long turn around times and minimum order volumes.


Most importantly, we have an experienced group of artists, and project managers who are dedicated to conceptualizing and producing at the lowest possible cost.


Showcase Display concepts are truly a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts that really sell your products.